These materials are only suggestions.  Please feel free to substitute with materials you already own. If you have questions as to the appropriateness of your materials for these workshops, feel free to email me with questions.  

You can find many of these items at your local craft store. The links I have provided will bring you to a local store where I enjoy shopping.


Each of these workshops are designed to work with clothing you already own, as a way to repair, refresh and rejuvenate your garments! The T-Shirt Cutwork Workshop requires the use of a t-shirt from your wardrobe, but each of the other techniques can be worked on almost any garment. Bring an old favorite that needs some TLC, or something that you never wear that needs a bit of redesign. Together we will make something new out of something old!

NEEDLES Visible Mending / T-Shirt Cutwork/ Repair Embroidery

Visible Mending / A long needle is recommended for this technique. A traditional sashiko needle would be best, but any long strong needle would be appropriate.

T-Shirt Cutwork & Repair Embroidery / A set of embroidery needles with a variety of sizes will allow you to choose the best one for your project.

THIMBLES Visible Mending / T-Shirt Cutwork/ Repair Embroidery

I always recommend using a thimble when doing hand stitching. My preferred thimble is the Clover coin thimble, but a traditional thimble could also be used.

STRAIGHT PINS Visible Mending / T-Shirt Cutwork

Any set of straight pins will work for these projects. Glasshead pins may be easier to work with.

CROCHET HOOKS Crochet Motifs

A basic set of crochet hooks will allow you to choose the hook that works best with the yarn that you have selected. The samples shown for the Crochet Motifs Workshop were worked in worsted weight yarn on an H/8 crochet hook.

PENCILS T-Shirt Cutwork

For the T-Shirt Cutwork Workshop, a pencil is needed to transfer the cutwork design onto your garment. If you are working with a light color garment you can use a soft drawing pencil, such as a 6B pencil, or a water solvable pencil which can be erased with water. if you are working with a thick or dark color garment, you may need a heat transfer pencil for the design.

SCISSORS All Workshops

T-Shirt Cutwork Workshop / A good sharp pair of scissors will be required for this workshop to allow to cleanly cut your t-shirt.

All Workshops / A simple pair of snips will be needed to cut threads.


A thick thread will be needed for the T-Shirt Cutwork Workshop. In the sample shown I used one strand of white embroidery floss to complete the design.

COTTON PERLE Visible Mending

A heavy thread is best for the Visible Mending Workshop. Traditional sashiko thread could be used, or a Cotton Perle (also called pearl cotton) could be used as I have done in the sample shown.

CREWEL WOOL Repair Embroidery

The embroidery stitches used in the Repair Embroidery Workshop can be worked in many different threads. Because my garment was a knit, I used crewel wool to allow the stitches to lay on top of the material. Embroidery floss could also be used for this workshop.

YARN Crochet Motifs

DK, light worsted or worsted weight yarn would be suitable for the Crochet Motifs workshop. Lighter weight yarn could be used, but is only recommended for more experienced crocheters. I used worsted weight yarn in the samples shown.

SCRAP PRACTICE FABRIC Visible Mending / T-Shirt Cutwork/ Repair Embroidery

Any piece of scrap fabric can be used to learn and practice stitches for these workshops. It would be helpful to use a fabric that is a similar weight to the garment that you will be working with, but it is not a requirement.

PATCH FABRIC Visible Mending

If your garment has a hole that needs to be mended, a piece of patch fabric will be needed. This can be something colorful or plain, depending on your preference.