About Carla

One of the reasons I first picked up a needle and thread is because I am a small person and every pair of pants I purchased needed to be quite a bit shorter.  Learning to hem made me interested in other ways I could change my clothing to fit me better, both in size and in personality.  This interest led me to a career in fashion design and costuming which has kept me employed for over a dozen years in New York City.  Now I want to share my knowledge and passion for making.

About this Research

To explore ways of supporting sustainable fashion practices, I have developed these four making and repair workshops.  Each workshop explores a different technique that I have used to care for and personalize my own clothes, which I now hope to share with others to promote agency over our wardrobes.  During each workshop I will be conducting research through surveys and open questions to further my understanding of sustainable practices.  This research will be used to support my Master’s thesis, which will be submitted to the London School of Fashion later this year.